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KA CAYLA Handaiyan Lip Liner & Liquid Matte Lipstick Set, Matte Liquid Lipstick + Matching Lip Liner Nude Velvety Makeup Kit Waterproof Lip Stain Kit For Women Lipliner Lip Gloss (Lip Kit #3) 4.2g

KA CAYLA Handaiyan Lip Liner & Liquid Matte Lipstick Set, Matte Liquid Lipstick + Matching Lip Liner Nude Velvety Makeup Kit Waterproof Lip Stain Kit For Women Lipliner Lip Gloss (Lip Kit #3) 4.2g

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Color: LIP KIT #3


  • 🌟【Unleash Your Lip Game】: Experience the ultimate lip transformation with the Handaiyan Lip Kit, a powerful duo of liquid matte lipstick and matching lip liner. 💄
  • 💥【Bold and Intense Shades】: Choose from a stunning array of bold and intense shades that make a statement, from vibrant reds to daring purples, adding a pop of color to your look. 💋
  • ✨【Flawless Application】: The velvety smooth texture of the liquid matte lipstick glides effortlessly onto your lips, delivering intense color payoff and a flawless matte finish that lasts all day.
  • 🖍️【 Precision and Definition】: The matching lip liner allows you to create well-defined and perfectly shaped lips, enhancing your lip contour and preventing smudging or bleeding.
  • ⌛【Long-lasting and Smudge-proof】: Enjoy a lip color that stays put for hours without smudging, feathering, or fading, giving you confidence and peace of mind throughout the day.
  • 💦【Moisturizing and Comfortable】: The lightweight formula of the lip kit keeps your lips hydrated and comfortable, preventing dryness or discomfort, even in dry or harsh conditions.
  • 🚫【No Transfer Worries】: Say goodbye to lipstick marks on cups and clothes. The Handaiyan Lip Kit offers a transfer-resistant formula, ensuring your lip color stays on your lips where it belongs.
  • 🌈【Versatile Lip Looks】: Explore a range of versatile lip looks, from everyday natural to bold and dramatic, empowering you to express your unique style and personality.
  • 💃【Perfect for All Occasions】: Whether it's a special event, a night out, or everyday wear, the Handaiyan Lip Kit provides a professional finish, elevating your look and leaving a lasting impression.
  • 🌟【Universally Flattering】: Designed to complement all skin tones, the Handaiyan Lip Kit offers shades that enhance your natural beauty, making it a go-to choice for everyone.

Details: Elevate your lip game with the Handaiyan Lip Kit, a complete set featuring a stunning liquid matte lipstick and its perfect matching lip liner. This dynamic duo is designed to provide you with a flawless and long-lasting pout that turns heads. The star of the show is the Handaiyan Liquid Matte Lipstick, formulated with precision to deliver a velvety smooth application. Its richly pigmented, matte finish provides a bold and vibrant color that instantly grabs attention. Whether you're going for a bold, statement look or a subtle, everyday charm, this lipstick has got you covered. To ensure precise application and a polished finish, the Handaiyan Lip Kit includes a matching lip liner. This lip liner effortlessly glides on, allowing you to define and shape your lips with ease. Create the perfect lip contour and prevent feathering or smudging, giving your lips a polished and professional appearance. One of the standout features of this Lip Kit is its exceptional staying power. The long-lasting formula is designed to withstand the demands of your day, from sipping coffee to indulging in a meal. Experience confidence in knowing that your lip color will stay put, without the need for constant touch-ups. Handaiyan understands the importance of comfort, and this Lip Kit delivers. The lightweight and non-drying formula ensures your lips stay moisturized and comfortable throughout the day. No more worrying about cracked or flaky lips; instead, revel in the smooth and velvety sensation that the Handaiyan Lip Kit provides. Unleash your creativity and experiment with a range of captivating shades available in this Lip Kit. From timeless nudes to bold and vibrant hues, there's a shade to suit every occasion and complement every skin tone. Let your lips become the canvas for your self-expression. Indulge in the ultimate lip transformation with the Handaiyan Lip Kit.

Package Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.9 x 2.4 inches

model number: LIGHT LIP GLOSS SET B


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